Roof Inspection Services On Maui – Inclusions And Exclusions

The roof is one of the most important and costly structures in a house, and that is why you need reliable roof inspection services for your house in Maui. But what can you expect from a roof inspection?

Will the inspector walk on the roof and inspect all the attachments like the satellite dishes? What about the gutters and downspouts?

The basic question that you need to ask your inspector is what is included and excluded in your roof inspection. This article looks at the inclusions and exclusions of a roof inspection.


What Forms Part Of Roof Inspection Services On Maui?

Your inspector will inspect the roof-covering materials. These materials could be solar tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or various other materials. The inspector needs to make sure that the roof covering is in tack and that there is no damage or cracks in the covering.

The next thing that the inspector will look at is the gutters and the downspouts. The gutters and downspouts need to be clear of any obstruction. For interest’s sake, the downspouts are the pipes that sit down the house wall and are attached to the gutters. The downspouts lead the water down to the ground from the roof.

The inspector will also look at all the vents, flashings, skylights, chimneys, and other roof penetrations. If the structures of the roof are not readily accessible via panels, door, or stairs, then the inspector will have to do a ground-level inspection.

What Is Excluded From The Inspection?

Based on the inspection standards, there are certain things that are not expected of the inspectors during a roof inspection. These things are called exclusions.

The inspector doesn’t have to walk on any roof surface; he can inspect the roof from ground level or the eaves. If an inspector feels that certain areas of the roof feel unsafe to inspect, they are not expected to walk on those areas to complete the inspection.

Inspectors don’t have the capabilities to predict the life span of a roof. Meaning they can not tell you that the roof will last a year. An inspector can also not provide clients with a warrant or certify the roof.

If your house has underground downspout diverters, then it will be excluded from the inspection. Inspectors can not perform a water test as part of their inspection.

Inspectors are not expected to remove any snow, ice, debris or move any insulation during the inspection. Antennae, satellite dishes, lightning rods, and any other such attachments to the house are excluded from the inspection. The inspector also doesn’t have to confirm the proper fastening or installation of these attachments.


In Conclusion

In the report from the roof inspection service report on Maui, the inspector will have to describe the type of materials used to cover the roof. The inspector will also indicate any corrections needed.

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