Swimming Pool Inspection On Maui – Inclusions And Exclusions


A thorough swimming pool inspection on Maui is done to establish the current conditions of the pool. The inspection aims to identify any issues that could have a significant financial impact later on.

A pool inspection does not form part of a normal home inspection; you will have to ask your home inspector to do an additional pool inspection.

This article looks at what is included and excluded when we at Mana Home Inspections do a pool inspection for you.


Swimming Pool Inspection On Maui – Inclusions

As mentioned previously, pool inspections do not form part of a standard home inspection; it is an additional service that an inspector might offer. Some inspectors might include or exclude specific components during their inspection, so it is best to contact your inspector directly for a full inspection scope.

The standard elements that inspectors will look at are:

  • The safety of the pool. The inspector will look for any electrical wires close to the pool, the conditions of the walkways, fencing, and latches. The goal is to ensure that your pool is safe to use.
  • The pool interior. The inspector will look at the materials that the pool is made of and ensure no cracks or water leakage.
  • Pool lighting. If there are lights in the pool, the inspector will check that the light is working.
  • Tile and decking around the pool. The tiles or decking around the pool can quickly become a safety hazard. Inspectors will look at how safe the decking is and if there is proper drainage to minimize slipping.
  • The pool surroundings. The inspector will look at the rest of your yard and judge the safety and quality of the yard.
  • Saltwater corrosion. Some pools make use of saltwater instead of chlorine which lowers the overall pool maintenance. But salt causes corrosion; the inspector will specifically examine the corrosion caused by saltwater.
  • Pool pumps. The pool pump circulates the water through the pool and sometimes has additional heating devices fitted to them. Inspectors will inspect the overall functionality of the pool pumps.
  • Pool filters. The pool filter needs to clean the water. The inspector will make sure that the filters are correctly in place and working.
  • Pool heater. Inspectors will assess the size of the heater and verify that the heater is working.
  • Pool accessories. Accessories such as pool covers need to be inspected to limit unnecessary liabilities.
  • Automation and remote control function. If a pool has remote control functions, the inspector will test them to confirm they are working.

Pool Inspection – Exclusions

Home inspectors do not need to test pools during bad weather conditions that could perhaps damage their equipment. Inspectors do not have to test the water quality.

Inspectors do not have to provide feedback on if specific equipment such as slides is appropriate for the pool. It is, however, best to contact your inspector and find out precisely what they will exclude from their tests.

In Conclusion

At Mana Home Inspections, our pool inspections prices start at $199, and our pool and spa inspections start at $249. Reach out to us for more information about your swimming pool inspections on Maui.